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Origin:  Columbus, Ohio


Genres:  Rock, Metal

Label:  Alter Ego Records



Scot and Michael met while attending college, Scot as an undergrad working on his Bachelors Degree, Michael in grad school working on his Masters. Originally calling themselves "Alter Ego", together they wrote and recorded enough demo songs for 3 albums and packaged them as cassettes to sell by word of mouth. A record deal was offered but they took a pass. One day Scot happened to hear a music idea Michael had recorded and tucked away, not thinking they would ever use it. Scot took it and wrote lyrics to it for his fiance' but never let her hear it. At their wedding reception, Scot replaced the song he and his new wife Diane had chosen for their first dance as husband and wife, and replaced it with the song he came up with just for her. His new bride, as well as those in attendance both cheered and cried.
Twenty years later after Michael moved some states away, Scot called him and asked him to fly into town and redo the song at Blue Moon Studio for his upcoming wedding anniversary. And no, Diane didn't know what Scot was up to and once again received that song as a special gift, "You're the One" (Diane's Song). The guys ended up recording three songs altogether in that first session and knew immediately they had to keep it going.
With Scot and Michael being so tight, their relationship is one of openmindedness and honesty. What Michael knew was that despite being a multi-instrumentalist, his role was that of foundation, not flash. So despite his work as lead guitarist on a couple songs, he knew they needed someone who could let it rip while keeping it melodic at the same time.
A Craigslist ad went up and a number of people responded. As expected, some  weren't that good or some wanted something out of it. Then came a response. THE response. Enter Raul Presas. Here was a down to earth guy who not only fit in as a person with the duo, he sent a video of him playing a Dimebag Darrell  solo from one of Scot's favorite bands, Pantera. Michael jumped on the phone to Raul and immediately could tell he was their guy. 
Raul came to Blue Moon and met with Scot and Paris, the chief engineer, with Michael Facetiming in from across the country. Raul nailed the solos from session two. A couple months later, Michael flew into town and with Paris again at the helm, he and Scot were at it, laying down the final tracks. Raul came in and the 3 guys were finally all in the same place at the same time for session number three to complete the album. 
Now with the album titled "Thirst For Life" complete, the guys are currently working on number 2. Venues are also being considered for live shows so stay tuned!


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