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Scot and Michael met while attending college, Scot as an undergrad working on his Bachelors Degree, Michael in grad school working on his Masters. What they both had in common was the love of fast heavy guitarwork, big bass lines and huge frenetic drums. Originally calling themselves "Alter Ego", together they wrote and recorded enough demo songs for 3 albums and packaged them as cassettes to sell by word of mouth. A record deal was offered but wasn't enough to pull them into the music industry. Together they developed a real partnership, each very openminded and willing to listen and try new ideas the other suggested. Their spirituality, faith and outlook on life also worked well as co-writers, focusing on the positive in their lyrics while still crushing it with their music. 
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Scot Schreiber

Lead and Backing vocals, Drums & Percussion

Michael Horvath

Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Backing vocals

Raul Presas

Lead & Rhythm Guitars

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